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    OCTOBER 30-31, 2019


    14:00 - 14:30

    Hicham BOUDRAA
    AMDIEGeneral Manager

    14:35 - 15:05

      This topic is not a comparative analysis of the customs system  in Morocco for the Aerospace sector compared to the framework and practices in other countries.

      It is rather to understand the general principles of customs operations in Morocco in terms of regulations, uses, current implications in the supply chain efficiency.

      It will explain the existing high performance alternatives and the potential for improvement.

    ESPACE TRANSIT - Operations Director

    • Biography

      Karim Benkirane is the operations manager at Espace Transit, the only one Moroccan customs broker company working under AEO full status, Iso 27001 and EN 9120 standards.

      In this role, he is in charge of daily operations management, strategic projects for the customers and consulting in supply chain optimization.

      He has held a variety of positions in his 20 years of experiences in international companies, progressively expanding his knowledge from logistics to aerospace, as procurement manager, then EASA 145 and EN 9110 auditor.

      Karim holds a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in International Trade from IAE Bordeaux, completed by a post graduate degree in Industrial Management from Mines Paris Tech.

      He is although teaching an international transportation module at UM6Px University and is a consultant for the Word Bank about trading across borders studies relating to Morocco.

    15:45 - 16:15

      The presentation describes how Virtek’s approach to the challenges of the evolution of industrialization in the aerospace sector through the use of innovative and disruptive Laser and Virtual Templating and collaborative 3rd party integration technologies leads to dramatic increases in efficiencies and improvement of productivity and quality. 

    Christian STEGMANN
    VIRTEK VISION INTERNATIONAL INC. - Senior Sales Account Executive

    • Biography

      Dr. Christian Stegmann is Senior Sales Account Executive at Virtek Vision in Europe and Middle East. He is in charge of direct sales of Virtek Technology Products to Aerospace Companies.
      Dr. Christian Stegmann is a Physicist with an MSc degree from University of Sao Paulo (Brazil), R&D assistantship at the CTA (Aerospace Technology Center) in Sao José dos Campos (Brazil) and a PhD in Laser Physics from the LMU University and Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics in Munich, Germany. 
      He is also founder of LaserCAD do Brazil (1998) and patent owner in the field of Laser Templating and VR applied to aircraft manufacturing. He has been working with Virtek since 1995.
      Christian Stegmann believes in improving aerospace manufacturing productivity with innovative visual guided assembly and inspection technologies and he speaks six languages. 


    11:25 - 11:55

      LATÉCOÈRE has developed a simple resilient and cost-efficient infrastructure solution which allows airlines to optimize on-board connectivity. LiFi optical communication technology redefines the way passengers can access and send data onboard as an alternative to WiFi. This LiFi infrastructure will allow a simple and fast installation solution, both for linefit and retrofit A/C installation. For one single seat, both uplink and downlink data rates will be provided through a dedicated optical fiber in order not to affect existing passenger service units equipment.

    Pascal BELMAS
    LATECOERE, Plant Manager


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